ImTOO HD Video Converter

ImTOO HD Video Converter

Flexible video conversion tool with support for multiple-output re-encoding
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Unlike the vast majority of video conversion utilities that you can find on the market, either free or paid, ImTOO HD Video Converter offers you true multiple-output batch media conversion capabilities. This means that you can assign a different output format to each item on the conversion list and, what is more, as many output formats as you wish to each of them. Add this rare feature to a long list of supported codecs, a built-in media player, and an intuitive interface and you will end up with a true flexible batch conversion tool.

It is refreshing to come across tools designed to go the extra mile when it comes to develop flexible and multi-purpose conversion engines. Instead of setting up as many conversion tasks as output formats we require, this excellent converter allows you to do everything in one single operation. Think of wanting to transfer a number of HD (or SD, for that matter) video files to your various portable devices – say, an iPad, a game console, a smart phone, and an audio player. ImTOO HD Video Converter is one of the few tools out there that allows you to do all this in just one go. You can decide which video will be converted to all of those formats at once, which will only go through the audio extraction process, which you wish to watch on your console to make use of your TV screen but also on your phone while you’re on the go, etc. It does not matter how many possible combinations you can think of – you will only have to define one conversion process for all of them.

For this feature only, this tool deserves a special place among the maze of media converters available. The rest of the functionality it offers, though, is less revolutionary. You will find a long list of output profiles that includes all the most widely used video and audio codecs and formats, organized by device and media type. All the settings, including some “advanced” profile settings, are customizable, and you can save all those modifications as custom profiles for later use. You count with a bit rate calculator, a built-in media player to preview your files (either in thumbnail or in full-screen mode), and you can take snapshots of your favorite frames and split large video files into sections at your convenience. You will not find many video editing functions, but that’s what video editors are for. As a video converter, however, you will not easily find a similar tool – regardless of many extra functions it may come with – capable of showing a similar degree of flexibility.

Francisco Martínez
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  • True batch multi-output conversions
  • Built-in media player
  • Customizable output settings
  • Support for all the most popular HD and SD video codecs
  • Intuitive interface


  • Lack of editing functions
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